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We offer adults two In-Car training options:
  1. 1- 2hr. Session - This is usually for students wanting to practice their Maneuverability. It is also for those wanting to brush-up on their driving skills or needing a Driving Evaluation. $130.00
  2. 4 � 2hr. Sessions - Total of 8-hrs. Behind-the-Wheel Training. (This is the same amount of time the state requires new teen drivers to do with an instructor. Please note that a new driver will need to practice outside of these lessons to refine the skills they are learning.)  - $350.00
    • The first lesson is generally spent in a low traffic area, evaluating the student and working on driving basics. We cannot take a student into an environment they are not ready for. As the students skills grow, we will expose them to different driving environments (in-town, rural, freeway, downtown). We can work on preparing students for the Maneuverability portion of the driving exam starting on the 2nd lesson if the student is ready. 


    Contact the office for prices. Adult lessons must be paid for in advance. 
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Money Order, or Cash. 

    You MUST have a VALID TEMPORARY PERMIT or VALID LICENSE when signing up!





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